Spanish Speaking Assistant (Pre-k)

PRE-K Spanish Teacher (Ages 3-4)

Spanish Speaking Assistant Teacher

The Manitou School is currently hiring a Spanish Speaking assistant teacher for our Stepping Stones classroom. Candidates must be comfortable in a co-teaching environment, collaborating with our other pre-k teachers on many things including curriculum development, parent communication, and assessment. We are seeking a warm, flexible, passionate, progressive educator to welcome the families of our youngest students into our school!

Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience working with small children in a school setting
  • Fluency in Spanish and English
  • A warm, calm, compassionate way with children
  • Strong written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Availability to communicate and collaborate with parents and head teachers before and after school hours
  • Reliability and dedication to attendance and prompt arrival at school
  • Commitment to professional growth and lifelong learning

Applicants must be confident in their ability to provide the following to our students:

  • A classroom environment that fosters social and emotional development
  • Daily Spanish lessons that engage young children through movement, songs, art projects, and games
  • Play and nature based curriculum
  • The love of a challenge, and comfort with academic risk taking
  • Straightforward and age appropriate discussions about diversity and different cultures
  • Hands-on, experiential learning in real world contexts
  • A well-managed classroom with clear expectations and routines
  • Support for the head teacher in creating regular Mailchimp-formatted newsletters including photos of student work
  • Personalized narrative assessments for each student twice annually