Summer Reading List

Ways to make Summer Reading Fun!

  1. Studies show that kids read more when they see others reading- so make time to read yourself. Curl up with a book, magazine, kindle, etc.- right where your kid can see you.
  2. Reading as a leisure activity is the best predictor of comprehension, vocabulary, and reading speed.  Keep in mind that reading is not just novels but picture books, non-fiction (books, websites, magazines), comics, and audiobooks all count.
  3. Have a friend, peer, cousin, or neighbor recommend a book.
  4. Plan regular trips to the library to refresh your reading options, or plan a book swap with friends and neighbors.
  5. Visit bookstores for author events and story hours, and invite a friend to come along with you.
  6. Make bookstore visits a special treat. Give kids a set amount of money to buy a book or two, and let them make their own choices! Don’t freak out when they choose, The Day My Butt Went Psycho!
  7. Online reading is becoming more prevalent and popular, especially with the little ones.  Check out these handpicked recommendations*:

Online Resources

We recommend implementing a family media contract and having a discussion about appropriate and safe use of technology before allowing your child access to the Internet.  Check out common sense media’s family media contract (also available in Spanish) here:
Helps you find the learning moments in everyday life. Each day they pose and intriguing question and explore it in a variety of ways.  It is informative and encourages new questions, sparking new paths of wonder and discovery in family and classroom settings. You can explore past wonders, enter the “wonder gallery,” and peruse a wonder words wall.
This website through National Geographic Kids features news for kids and current events. History, animals, adventure, world, science, and culture are all topics.
Another website from National Geographic Kids that features reviews of books, tips for summer reading, and even lets kids pick a free book.
This website has book reviews, features various authors, and sends out a newsletter to subscribers.

Seriously Amazing! This is the Smithsonian’s website, “Where questions come alive!” Features questions and answers in appealing format with Smithsonian experts providing answers, some with embedded videos.

Summer Reading Book Log

We love this simple list-style log for simply logging the titles of books and rating them on a 5-Star system.  Simple, yet motivating!