Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


The Manitou School understands that issues of diversity and equity need to be at the forefront of any compassionate curriculum. We strive to build an accepting, inclusive, supportive, and diverse community of learners and leaders, who are committed to creating a world in which peace, equity, and justice can thrive.

We acknowledge and examine the various lenses through which we view ourselves and each other, including racial identity, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic resources, age, culture, language, body type, family configuration, belief systems, ability, and learning differences. We believe that open, honest, challenging conversations should be embraced at every age.

Manitou’s commitment to bilingual education is deeper than simply learning a new language. We immerse our students in global culture, encouraging perspective-taking and building empathy and respect for all the world’s citizens.

We value artistic expression as a way to explore our identities and grapple with important themes. We prioritize social and emotional development to reinforce the collective understanding that every individual deserves dignity, kindness, and respect.

We expect all members of the Manitou School community to uphold the values set forth in this statement, to examine themselves deeply, and to take part in this challenging work side by side with our students.Self portraits