My son is utterly engaged with all aspects of this school. We’ve found a place that honors who he is as well as challenges him. More than that, at Manitou, he thrives. So grateful for this school.
– James Hoch, father of Owen, age 6, First Grade
I can’t speak highly enough about this school, the space, the grounds, its teachers and my daughter’s experience there. We moved to Cold Spring from Manhattan to get away from the pace and weren’t certain what kind of school experience we would be moving into. We wondered if we’d be sacrificing academic excellence in our pursuit for a more relaxing way of life. All I can say is that Manitou exceeds my expectations and more than keeps pace with any Manhattan school. More importantly than that, my daughter is comfortable and thriving while being challenged to expand. She’s learning to read, write and work out math story problems in Spanish along with English. And the creative ways that she is being allowed to express herself in play, in art and music projects, alongside the academics, astounds me. It’s amazing stuff. Manitou’s is a creative yet structured, thoughtful, fun and experiential program. My daughter says writing workshop is her favorite time, where she gets to write about anything she likes. The best part for our family is that she comes home happy, and excited to talk about school, and is ready for more each day! I’m so thankful to have found Manitou.
– Christine Bokhour, mother of Phoebe, age 5, Kindergarten
How many schools give kids time during a busy day of academics to read, play the piano, portray Greek gods, and construct the world’s biggest snowball? Or send them home speaking and singing in Spanish, eager to do their math, and asking, “Can we talk about school more?!” Manitou is extraordinary not only for its exceptional curriculum, teachers, and beauty, but for its commitment to making sure each child thrives.
– Rebecca DelMonte, mother of Max, age 9, 4th Grade
Our daughter Alice has truly blossomed at Manitou. We feel we’ve found an environment where her intelligence, her flights of imagination, and her quirks are celebrated, and where she’s challenged daily to reach higher, to develop all of her abilities. At home, we see this in her increased self-confidence and boldness. We often feel that Manitou is designing an entire school just for Alice — nothing comforts a parent’s heart more.
 -Sarah Dunn and Peter Stevenson, parents of Alice, age 4, Bridge Class
Two years ago, my son was sobbing every morning, “Please don’t make me go to school!” Now he’s at the Manitou School. Yesterday, he was talking without prompting about Manitou, and said with a smile, “I love my school.” Of course he does. He’s happy at Manitou. He’s taught that challenge is fun, that learning is playful, and that school is about discovery, not drudgery. Every day at pick-up, he’s filled with energy. He spouts off new facts learned. His academic prowess is growing, and he knows it. Increasingly, the workforce demands original thinkers who work collaboratively, excel at dialogue, and view work as a delightful challenge. That’s a description of what happens every day at Manitou.
– John Plummer, father of James, age 9, 4th grade
 The Manitou School has been an amazing experience for my son, filled with nature, science, & adventure. The dual language is simply a benefit added onto the happy, loving, educational environment.
– Danielle Mancinelli, mother of Massi, age 5, Bridge Class
Manitou is a warm, welcoming community with teachers who continuously challenge our kids to learn amazing lessons — everyday.


It’s a place with a pulse and you feel it walking in — everyday.
The curriculum is thoughtful and creative and seems to be driven as much by teachable moments as concrete lesson plans. More than accessible, teachers are eager to discuss the day — highlights and lowlights — with us.
Our kids are excited at drop off and smarter at pickup — everyday.


-Alex and Katie MacInnes, parents of Shep, age 6, and Sadie, age 3


My son takes such delight in each day at The Manitou School. We see him learning ways to express himself and overcome his personal challenges, all through joyful activities and relationships. His teachers are very attuned to his particularities. They know what engages him. They use his interests to help him grow and learn. He is empowered to be his best self, in every way: socially, academically, artistically. He is learning how to express himself, how to communicate, and that kindness is wonderful and important. Every day at Manitou my son learns with his whole body. He learns through song, and through art, and through nature. He learns in Spanish, and I hear him speaking it at home. The rest of us are learning Spanish at home thanks to our 4-year old’s enthusiasm!


-Carolyn Llewellyn, Mother of James, age 4


Our son is enrolled in the Pre-K/K Bridge class and we couldn’t be happier! He loves going to school and is clearly thriving in the warm, supportive and attentive environment. We love the individual attention he receives and how well his teachers know who he is as a person and a learner. There is such a sense of community and ownership at the school as well. It’s not just our son’s school, but our school as well.   There are so many ways to get involved and each student and parent has a voice in creating a community that will last well beyond the classroom. We are beyond thrilled to be part of the Manitou family.


-Heather and Dylan Stolowitz, parents of Elijah, age 6, Kindergarten


Manitou is a wonderful asset to our community. It gives our children a school where intellectual curiosity and thinking outside the box are part of the project based curriculum. The small classroom size and passionate and engaging staff provide my daughter with the perfect amount of support. I have seen tremendous leaps and bounds this year in both her intellectual and emotional growth. We are very fortunate to have Manitou in our community.


– Heather A. Zuckerman, mother of Lily, age 8


The Manitou School has provided our family with a strong sense of
community and support.  Henry is benefitting greatly from whole person
engagement, an approach that engages each child from the head and the
heart.  In addition a strong sense of both independence and
collaboration are developed. Henry looks forward to school each day and
has developed a love of learning anywhere.
– Kelley Amadei, Mother of Henry, age 5, Bridge Class