The Manitou School. An Independent, Bilingual School in Cold Spring, NY.

The Manitou School was established in 2014 with 50 students attending from preschool through fourth grade. Located in a gorgeous historic property in Cold Spring, NY, the school offers a full-immersion Spanish and English bilingual program, uses progressive teaching methods, and features a warm, engaging environment where children can learn and grow. The Manitou School has grown to over 100 students in Pre-K through Eighth Grade.

At Manitou, we believe children learn best when engaged in opportunities that allow them to imagine, question, and express who they are and how they see their experience. We believe this engagement should be cultivated by caring and creative, talented and informed professionals who are mindful of the world we live in and capable of developing the most exciting and proven educational practices.  We also place a strong emphasis on using nature and our surrounding environment to create amazing learning opportunities for our children.

We recognize that the bond between family, child, and school forms an essential community, the cornerstone of which resides in open communication: articulating and listening. In essence, a Manitou education is one that sees each child as the center of the educational experience, and creates a school environment where every child thrives. We also offer parents an opportunity to have greater involvement with the school and develop programs that benefit the community.