Student Clubs

Student Clubs at the Manitou School

See our current student club offerings below! Student clubs each run on their own independent schedule.



Manitou Middle School Video Club 2022/23


Mondays 3:15 – 4:30pm
Available to Middle Schoolers

The Manitou Video Club is a chance for middle school students to learn and enhance their video production skills and offer their unique perspective of The Manitou School while learning techniques for shooting videos, camera angles, visual composition, creating shot lists, and editing in iMovie and Canva. Led by Mr. Nick, this club will be creating video content that will be used to showcase student experiences at Manitou. This club is open to all students comfortable on either side of the camera and with or without experience.  Students will need to bring an Apple device to participate (however we can assist with other arrangements if this is not possible). This club is likely to continue in the spring.

NOTE: Devices brought from home MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL DAY. There will be a bin on the desk for them to be stored during the school day. Generally, it is school policy to NOT allow personal technology devices such as cell phones, tablets, fitbits, and wearables. We are making an exception to that rule for this special school club, and we require participating students to keep their devices in the office during the school day.




Choir – Fall/Winter 2022

Available to students ages 8+


Choir A | 3:45 – 4:30 – NOTE THE TIME CHANGE
Available to students ages 8+

Choir B |  3:00 – 3:45 – NOTE THE TIME CHANGE
Available to students in 4th – 8th grade


Manitou Choir is taught by the beloved former Manitou music teacher, Linda Richards. Due to the immense popularity of the choir, Ms. Linda is running two choirs this year on Tuesdays. Students can only be in ONE of these choirs. 

The winter/spring season will culminate in a performance at the Manitou Spring Concert. It meets on Tuesday afternoons from January through June.

Students who were in the Fall/Winter choir session will be automatically registered for the Winter/Spring session unless they tell us that they are making different plans. Email


Choir A (Available to students ages 8+)

This is the “general Manitou choir” – any student from 8 years and up can be part of this singing group! Singers will learn fun songs to sing in unison. This group, along with Choir B will sing together at an evening performance for family and friends.


Choir B (Available to students ages 4th-8th grades)

This is the “specialized Manitou choir”. The students in this choir have to be in 4th grade and up and will be working on a lot of HARMONIES along with some more challenging songs! This group, along with Choir A will sing together at an evening performance for family and friends.


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